Dating with sweaty palms

The reason for this difficulty lies in the fact that ELS was done in a place where the space was created artificially by the surgeon.The scar tissue from the initial ELS surgery can be very difficult to penetrate in order to get to and remove the clamps.

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I wouldn't choose Botox, because I just don't like the thought of injecting poison into my body.

I weighed all the options and settled on the antiperspirant.

I've never noticed my racket slipping, but with Carpe it was like my racket was stuck to my hand!

I definitely noticed a difference, and it meant I could spend less energy maintaining my grip and more time focusing on other aspects of my game. After a year of work with our chemist Chris Jenks (and 60 prototypes), we produced the world's first non-greasy, no-residue antiperspirant hand and foot lotion!

My palms stayed dry for the entirety of the date, which lasted about 3.5 hours! I was all ready to highlight this product as a tube of nonsense, but IT FREAKING WORKS!


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