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Each week we’ll be sending two readers on a date, whether they’re married, in a long term relationship, or have never met before! And check out this week’s date in tomorrow morning’s magazine.Crisp leaves, bronze hues and stunning sunsets: it’s no wonder London in autumn provides the perfect backdrop for first dates or date night.Time Out Youth Center is committed to helping LGBTQ youth find healthy relationships.

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Or A CRAZY CHICK WHO OVER-THINKS FUCKING EVERYTHING! As someone who is used to editing everything she says about her dating life, it was nerve-wracking to give up that control!

We can't believe it either but somehow these attractive guys and gals on this page are all single. We're looking to set them up with another eager beaver of a reader and to do that we're even throwing in a free romantic dinner.

Some results were produced from a global analysis of the data.

Anyone following me on Twitter will have spotted me appealing for daters recently … Last week Time Out launched the Date Night page in its magazine.

* Time Out editions in 24 cities participated in our global dating survey, and we received responses from many more locations around the world.


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    Ha actuado en otras películas con Penélope Cruz, Mike Myers, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Pierce Brosnan y con quien fue su pareja por varios años, Edward Norton.

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    Basically the city will consist of people of a pension age.

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