Dating pro pilot review

Pushing the plane into a spin isn't handled properly either.

While these quirks won't affect pilots who are interested in using the sim to replicate normal, real-world flight plans, many pilots and gamers like to use sims to attempt maneuvers that they wouldn't dare try in real life.

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Newbie pilots will appreciate the new Pop-Up Operator's Handbook feature, which includes step-by-step checklists for procedures such as starting the aircraft, takeoff, climb, descent, and landing.

In addition, there are a number of flight tutorials created in cooperation with the National Association of Flight Instruction (NAFI).

Also, the planes' sometimes-docile behavior can lull inexperienced pilots into a false sense of security.

It would be far better if the planes could be pushed into unusual attitudes, so future pilots could see the consequences of mishandling and learn to recover from such situations.

A series of patches eventually fixed the major flight model problems and got the program into a stable state, but many sim fans were left disappointed by the program's 2D-only graphics and design quirks.


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