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This is also the reason why female new Zealanders are adept with their hands, fixing and lugging things and not waiting for a guy to come along and offer help.They like who they are One fallout of being girls of action is that women in New Zealand don’t care much for the feminine trappings.

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In fact it is quite the opposite since they are rarely shy or demure about expressing their needs in bed.

This probably has to do with the New Zealand culture which encourages its people including women to be upfront and definite in their expressions.

Indeed an article in the New Zealand herald 1 mentions a study that suggests that New Zealand women prefer mates who are big and strong.

The study, based on birth records for the five years to the end of last year, shows European women are far more likely to partner with men of ethnic groups that tend to be physically bigger and stronger like those from pacific, middle eastern and African ethnicity than European men are to partner with women from the same groups.

Some women may in fact go a step further and revel in masculine behavior like swigging off a few beers or swearing like hard-boiled seaman.


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