Dating my ex husband

The very same days we looked forward to, were now only a reminder of “bad times.” The person who was gravely affected was our 3-year-old daughter. I still love you and will meet you.” I don’t know how much she understood but I knew this was the end.One day, as my husband was explaining the changes that were yet to come to our daughter, he said, “This arrangement is only temporary. Finally, when the divorce came through, we sold the house and bought two apartments.

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The age that no one warns you about, fearless like a lion and wise as a giraffe!

One of the first things we did after graduating from college was – moving to the city, and moving in with each other.

We decided to stay in the same vicinity so that he could stay close to our daughter.

One afternoon, as I parked my car outside my daughter’s play school to pick her up, I saw a familiar car pull up at a distance. It had been about 8 months since the divorce, and we hadn’t really met; apart from him clumsily showing up on some weekends in shorts and oversized T-shirts to pick up our daughter for the weekend.

He had planned to take her out for some ice cream and asked me to join them.


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