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however, you need as much size as you can get to prevent stuff running off onto your countertops.” Sushi chef Ken Legnon agreed, but said 16 by 22 is his favorite size.

Since upgrading to a 15-by-20 board for the first version of this guide, I would never go back.

After spending more than 120 hours on research, interviewing chefs and materials experts, chopping 23 pounds of produce, and using and abusing 22 cutting boards, we found that the Prepworks Cutting Board offers the best balance of cutting feel, durability, and ease of cleaning.

Although some butcher block boards may look more pleasant, the plastic Prepworks doesn’t require any maintenance and won’t split from misuse.

And although you could invest in a quality wood board that may last longer, the Prepworks is far better for working with raw meats and messy marinated stuff, since it’s easily disinfected in a dishwasher.