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When Olivia is called to protect the president again, she and her firm need to look over all the evidence to try to squash the scandal before it hits mainstream media.This takes her on a journey to find the truth and cover it.

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The Big Bang Theory is a comedy series about four college scientists who know all about the world of physics, and one girl, who gives the physics world a real spin.

Leonard Hofstadter is a smart guy who tries his best to complete his research and become famous for his work while also attempting to be the most socially-interacting guy in their friend group.

He always tries his best to impress women but usually manages to screw things up because of his overbearing personality.

Rajesh Koothrappali is an Indian scientist performing experiments on black holes, outer space, life on other planets and not to mention string theory.

Created by Shonda Rhimes (Grey's Anatomy) comes this new and fresh drama that focuses on the Scandals that hit Washington and the people who are employed to fix things before they get bad.


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    i said "you're home all day (she was not working for a while) , I work and I should have to worry about a simple oil change?

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    “I wish all our athletes every success and I am positive they will do the country proud,” said OCI President and IOC Executive Board Member Pat Hickey.

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    At Our, we honor the freedom, wisdom and appreciation for life that only comes with time.