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"Spare your ships," the Greek historian Herodotus quotes her as saying, "and fight no battle on sea; for the enemy's men are as much better than your men on sea as men are than women." She was the only one of Xerxes' advisors to take this position, however.

The Persian force engaged the Greeks at Salamis and were thoroughly defeated.

Although the outcome of a war and the course of history did not depend on the performance of their ships, they are, perhaps, a bit more inspiring than these two great women admirals, because they had their share of victories.

They did not command the fleets of great nations, but those of private navies, which, except for their political orientation, resemble the pirate fleets of Madame Ching and other outlaws.

On the day of battle, she went out with the fleet in her own galley, a splendid craft, bright with paint and gilding, carrying purple sails, and flying flags and streamers in the wind.


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