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Many men in the village struggle to provide for all their children. In a good year, the men said, they earn as much as ,100; in a bad year, it’s about 0.

They estimate that between school fees, uniforms and medical treatment, it can cost as much as 0 per year to take care of each child.

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In 2012, the government of Cote d'Ivoire, along with UNFPA, launched a program to educate husbands about women’s health.

There are now 27 schools for husbands in the country, with a plan to open an additional 25 this year.

“They had a vague idea that things should be different,” says Mathies Yao, the schools for husbands coordinator in Toumodi, the closest town to N’Dakro, “but it’s hard because we’re reversing their culture.

To say to a man you have to help your wife with household activities, you can’t beat your wife — it was hard for some of the men to understand.

Every day, 16 women die in childbirth and almost 40 out of 1,000 children are stillborn.