Dating fisher price toys

The Adventure People featured many action figures, along with their equipment and vehicles.The Adventure People had over 70 different figures, and more than 30 sets.

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Collectors also enjoy Little People figures that were not produced in mass amounts, and ones that came in limited production sets.

Many collectors also enjoy Little People parts and pieces that were unusual colors, too!

By far, the most collected line of toys are the Fisher-Price Little People made from about 1964 until 1989. There are so many different sets to collect - if you include every single set produced, there are about 100 of them!

Many collectors also enjoy collecting every individual Little Person, plus all the different parts in every different color.

This line of toys featured numerous muscular men in various occupations, along with their vehicles (such as firetrucks, police cars, bulldozers) plus many accessories that make for sturdy and strong play value!