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Does anyone know where to find information on Atkins saws and what to look for?

I did a google search and came up pretty much empty handed.

If that is what it is, then it is probably English too.

My reasoning for saying the other four medallions are English is simply because they are all based on the Official Coat of Arms of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

Atkins & Co., a major American saw and tool manufacturer in Indianapolis, Indiana. Following are articles on the company: Historic WK Fine Tools Vintage Atkins saws for sale Selling Atkins Saws, 1908 Youtube tribute and history Following is a partial list of Atkins catalogs (most titles are similar so I am giving the basics): 1894 1895 1899 1900 Price Current (pocket size) 1902 Supply Edition 1903 Price Current (pocket size) 1904 Hardware Edition 1906 Hardware Edition 1910 No.