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Englefield – who was said to be a church pastor in Felixstowe - listened to proceedings via a video link from Suffolk Constabulary’s Martlesham police investigation centre.

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When a married couple in crisis gets to the place where either one or both of them doesn’t feel anything – they not only don’t feel passion or happiness around each other, but they don’t feel anger or jealousy either – that’s not a good thing.

I was disappointed in the outcome of the Super Bowl last Sunday, but whatever… Those who know me best don’t let me get by with it. I should point out that, for various reasons not everyone is excited about it now that they have heard about it.

He also added (and deleted) a video about being dumped on Lifetime.

What do YOU think about Pastor Troy and Minnie dating???

Englefield is accused of three attempted rapes, six counts of indecent assault on a girl, a further charge of gross indecency with a girl.