Dating a bartender

He is also a recovering alcoholic and a notorious womanizer.

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Although his baseball career is less detailed throughout the series, Sam was not a good pitcher—his nickname was "Mayday", the universal distress call of ships and airplanes in extreme danger.

Throughout the series, Sam has had casual female partners, usually one-dimensional or dimwitted, and sometimes takes them along in his red Chevrolet Corvette.

However, in "Sam Turns the Other Cheek" (episode 49, 1984), Sam reveals that he usually avoids married women, underage girls, and comatose women.

In "Teacher's Pet" (season 3, 1985), Sam earns his high school diploma despite an overall bad grade from the high school geography teacher, whom he had a brief affair with just to inflate a grade.

One time after Sam and Diane ended their on-and-off relationship, in "Rebound, Part One" (episode 45, 1984), Sam relapses into alcoholism and excessively womanizes.