gravity rather intimidating - Consolidating plants

Operator performance is the result of numerous variables that are all connected and interact, as in the figure. The vision for the future must reflect plant performance parameters, but not be tied into short term market justification.

Altering any one variable typically necessitates some change in one or more of the other variables. Getting the most out of modernization is accomplished by using the interactive nature of human performance. The modernization is for the long term and needs to reflect operating characteristics more than better production of a single product."How do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

When the Postal Service closes a large mail processing plant, it doesn't just impact postal workers. Other people lose their jobs, business activity slows, tax revenues decline.

The loss of postal jobs thus has a multiplier effect that ripples through the economy of the entire region.

In order to extrapolate these averages to the plant consolidations nationwide, it’s necessary to have an estimate for how many postal jobs will be lost. In the early stages of Network Rationalization, back in February 2012, the Postal Service prepared an environmental assessment that said the plan would close 250 plants and eliminate 34,000 jobs (p. After the number of plants was reduced, a Postal Service press release put the number at 28,000 jobs.

In testimony to the Postal Regulatory Commission (in June 2012), the Postal Service indicated that 13,000 of these jobs would be eliminated as a result of phase 2 of the plan. An article in a union publication estimates that about 10,000 jobs will be eliminated by phase-2.

Without this knowledge, it is possible to miss out on opportunities for simple, yet significant, changes that may go hand in hand with certain facets of modernization.