Consolidating audio files logic

Many parts won’t actually start playing until well into the song. What is important is that the audio FILE starts at zero.Which means that the audio file will probably begin with silence. Let me illustrate: In the example below you see an audio track in the tracks window.Basically, consolidating an audio track consists of making sure that the track is represented by only 1 audio file.

consolidating audio files logic-10

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How to prepare your songs and deliver them to me to Mix When preparing songs for a mix please follow these guidelines There are specific instructions for Pro Tools and Logic below these general instructions: #1: CHECK ALL EDITS: Make sure that all edits are good, take the time before you consolidate the files to really listen to the edit points to check for clicks, weird transitions, anything that might cause attention to be drawn to the edit.

Consolidate the files to start at zero and use a naming convention that provides useful information to help you and your collaborators stay organized.

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If you are exchanging the entire song file, syncing files should not be an issue as the timeline is being exported along with the audio files.