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In late 1981, Woolery got into a salary dispute with Merv, wanting a raise in his annual pay from ,000 to 0,000, in line with what other emcees made and because Wheel was drawing a 44 share; Merv offered 0,000, and NBC agreed to pay the remaining 0,000 until Merv threatened to move the show to CBS. " Chuck later hosted other games including Love Connection (1983-94), Scrabble (1984-90/1993), California's The Big Spin (1985), an unsold Pyramid pilot (1997), The Dating Game (1997-99), Greed (1999-2000), Lingo (2002-07), Think Like a Cat (2008), and The Price Is Right Live! Around 1982-83, Woolery hosted an unsold pilot called Let's Get Personal which, according to this post, involved answering personality questions to "meet" a certain trait being discussed in that round with the help of a psychologist; one such round was a sketch with Larry Anderson, Tim Stack, and Sally Julian as the actors.

NBC withdrew the offer, and Chuck left the show on December 25, 1981; Pat Sajak took over as host on December 28. Notably, one of the contestants was Jack Campion, a lawyer who appeared on at least six other game show pilots between 19.

The "2 and 2" most likely refers to the average amount of time for such a break (; two minutes and two seconds), and the gesture for the phrase is him holding two fingers up and switching them from front to back.

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He, like Sajak, is a dominant Republican and conservative, and donates mainly to Republican and conservative causes; in fact, he was seen at the 2012 Republican National Convention and the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference, and even mentioned meeting John Wayne.

Born: March 16th, 1941Hometown: Ashland, Kentucky School: Morehead State University Family: Currently married to 4th wife Kim Barnes, 6 children (1 deceased)Trademark: Two, two-finger hand gestures before commercial breaks, signaling two minutes for the commercials, and two seconds leading in and out of the break How He Got His Start - From Music to Television: Chuck Woolery originally started out wanting to be a musician.

Chuck married Teri Nelson in 1985, having two children (Michael and Sean) before getting divorced in 2004; the Naturally Stoned documentary series caused their marriage to fall apart so badly that GSN withheld the last episode for a week and reworked it into what was essentially an apology and retraction. Woolery is a co-founder and member of Restart Congress, a political action committee dedicated to pointing out hypocrisy in Washington DC and passing an amendment to the Constitution that would establish term limits for members of Congress; Chuck's videos (see link below) generally serve the same purpose while injecting a bit of humor at times, usually through "Stupid Laws Friday", with longer videos consisting of him outlining a multi-step plan to fix certain national problems.

One such video, on gun laws, has Chuck show a clip of Ice T's thoughts on the subject and refers to him as a "fellow rapper", after which a small picture appears of Woolery's "Naturally Stoned" rap for GSN.

If the Final Spin went past the four-digit values as the Wheel slowed down, Chuck would hope to get Bankrupt or Lose A Turn (with the slide whistle sounding if he landed on the former).