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The event featured a ton of games, crafts, food, toy giveaways and live performances from Butterscotch, Leftover Cuties, Mahkenna, Aussie Youth and Le Petit Cirque.Luna is also pictured below with Larsen Thompson at the GUESS Originals cocktail party earlier in the week. The event, which was held on Saturday night (October 22) in Los Angeles, was full of our fave stars including Tiffany Espensen, Lizzy Greene, Kayla Maisonet, Kara Royster, Jake Paul, Monique Coleman, Belle Shouse, Lance Lim, Aidan Miner, August Maturo and his younger bro Ocean, Ronni Hawk, Matthew and Benjamin Royer, Oliver Bell, Chandler Kinney, Chloe East, and Luna Blaise. Starlight provided free event tickets to hundreds of seriously ill children and their families who are supported by LA-area children’s hospitals.

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cause they are always hugged up together and they act like they are in love   NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  is corbin with monique   how to get a my space Answer   of course he does.

And I think that was my main focus and goal with approaching the choreography, which was to make sure it was in my body enough and to make sure that it didn’t seem like it was work.” 15 pics inside of Corbin Bleu…The event featured a ton of games, crafts, food, toy giveaways and live performances from Butterscotch, Leftover Cuties, Mahkenna, Aussie Youth and Le Petit Cirque.

If this is true, then, the reunion of the original cast will not be happening in "High School Musical 4" movie.

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