Atheist dating christian girl 12

A Christian that marries a non-Believer starts from trouble.. If you go against this advice and others here, ask for prayer as you will need much.Im agnostic and im also having this problem, because im not saved we both cannot get married even though we love each other so i did research myself.Glenn and the moderator are correct, however he principle issue here is not judgment but desire.

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Eastern religions embrace contradictions, but not Biblical Christianity. thanks for your concern, but really I don't believe that. But if by a chance the Christian idea of God is correct and I am condemmed to hell, then I will be chillin' out with all my buddist, taoist, hindu, agnostic, muslim, etc. So no fear of being alone ;) Brian your statement "I do not believe in heaven and hell and the idea of a consious afterlife is extremely doubtful, but should there be one I will deal with it then.." is very worrying.

The internal consistancy of Scripture as well as Christianity gives me great comfort. When you reach this afterlife there will be notbing for you to deal with.

If God wanted all of us to be the same, why would he make us all so different? because we love Him, we do not find his commandments burdensome. each one wants the other to change his believes....hahaha interesting ho!!

we know they are for our own goodnow how will it feel to have satan as your in-law? CAN TWO WALK TOGETHER IF THEY ARE NOT I AGREEMENT ON COMMON ISSUES? you have been dating an unbeliever for three years and are now asking if you could marry him?

What is to be done if you have always loved God but had no religious training until after marrying an agnostic? David7647, I 2 have been dating a wonderful guy who is an agnostic, N though things have been going well,even w/ our calm continuous debates over our beliefs, I know the road could prove 2 B tulmultuous. I have friends, that were from two different religions and it caused no end of problems until one converted to the other's faith, and they had be married 20 years.


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