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Jesse accuses him of lying about Skype issues (next hour Jesse says he's not sure). Frank A Thomas ( can't prove racism exists, conflicted on same-sex marriage and abortion, ordained by Jeremiah Wright, Jr., defends "God damn America" because of "institutional racism," accuses Trump & Bannon of supporting white supremacy & the Klan. GUEST: Hold-over with Rev Dr Frank A Thomas ( on Jesse's article: Trump: White Savior to Black America (WND). Paris Jackson says Michael was killed, attempted suicide. Jesse explains his life story, describes LBJ & Civil Rights movement's corrupting blacks who said yes to broken families. Story of male freaking out over issue in imagination due to anger. Supposed Muslims males attack "white" female in Netherlands. TOPIC: Hollywood Updates: Nasty Women's March celebrities: Madonna, Shia La Beouf, Jaden Smith (somebody needs to help him), Ashley Judd (with country singer family who sang "Grandpa"). TOPIC: GUEST: Suzanne Venker ( discusses alpha females and weak men: "Want a happy marriage? Caller thanks self-knowledge for dealing better with liberal women who attack his character. Obama calls himself "father of the Tea Party," and got citizens to push for Obamacare. James fills in 2nd segment: Caller bashes angry Christian reaction to Obama. Jesse's back: Obama lives in a different reality because of anger.TOPIC: Brief discussions on David Pakman interview. Piers Morgan facetiously calls for Men's March against rabid feminists. Try saying 'OK' once in a while (really)." Her mother had high conflict marriage, and she habitually challenged her husband. Black MTV reporter calls Jeff Sessions' Asian granddaughter a prop from Toys"R"Us. First-time caller & fan of The Fallen State now supports Trump. 4 (hours 2-3) talks about confronting & forgiving his mother. He promotes homosexuals, Muslims and illegals using blacks. Jesse replays 10 rules for black kids who'd otherwise run from cops.Caller angry at Jesse's statements about blacks, won't admit anger as different from anybody else, accuses Jesse of lying about working on a plantation.

Caller points out Flynn worked for Obama but criticized the administration & Iran deal. TOPIC: Manhood Hour: Most black preachers are not called by God. Blacks killing one another in Chicago, including innocent children. 11-y-o, 2-y-o, 26-y-o, and others killed in Chicago in the past few days, but blacks and liberals cry racism. BOND Entrepreneurship Academy for Men & Boys TOPIC: Watch and learn at the goings-on of Trump and the attacks on his administration.

Illegal alien felon mother deported, who committed identity theft, but her kids act like the U. Happy Valentine's Day: The Fallen State trailer on marriage.

Listener received text from male "snowflake" upset he used "raped" to mean "ripped off." WND comment on "The Left Only Knows How to Destroy": Satan's servants are deceitful workers masquerading as servants of righteousness.

James fills-in: Reeves County, TX: Hispanic mother slaps & pulls hair of daughter for talking to girl's father whom girl's mother is divorcing. TOPIC: Update on Latino burglaries of Asian households.

TOPIC: Report on event last night, about BOND, and saying racism does not exist. Caller defends praying in tongues, debates what sin really is. Caller: Blacks won't be helped unless they change themselves. We have authority from our father, but many lack aggressiveness. TOPIC: Black caller now feels detached from black people, can't be around them, irritated. Caller asks what Trump should do to help blacks: Clean up crime, school choice. Caller talks Tariq Nasheed et al: They don't want people successful, but angry. CNN fantasizes about assassination at inauguration. Jesse on Malzberg on Newsmax: Obama has special weakness for LGBT. Caller on Obama pardons and liberal elitist perspectives. TOPIC: Trump did not divide the country; it's been divided. White caller talks about black anger and nastiness. Another black caller tries to use the Bible to say anger is okay, and is bothered Jesse doesn't call out white wrongdoing as much as blacks'. Stuart Varney interviewed Jesse: Black anti-Trump Democrat leaders care about politics only; they don't care about people. DL Hughley expresses hatred because Trump shows blacks and whites can be free from fake "racism" & fake black liberal leadership. Snoop Dogg mocks country blacks for performing for Trump inauguration.