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Script dating site Abledating 2.4 Rus to it and instructions for installation and problem solving!

Installing the engine:1) Install the base and the script "lisence key is 12345 (if installed base there is an error of type timeout-drive in (if you are updating pages) - the base still is. Izmenit on your can of _Search for the line $ g ['main'] ['admin_password'] = "test";test - this is parol. Zydite the admin area: \ vash_saytadmin2) Fill to the site and litseziyu Generate - via the browser, open it and write back to your domain.3) Copy the license in the file (open with notepad) _includeconfiglicense - Warning - the file without the extension!

Don’t forget, Russia is very poor country all levels corrupted without a civil society, with strongly pronounced feudal structure of public relations, where most aborigines exist below the breadline and have no real possibility to pay for the visa, an insurance policy, air flight and stay abroad.

Therefore, not each request for payment from poor Russians is a scam.

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