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I've read good reviews, I've read bad ones, for each dating script out there. First of all, I have seen no names, no order references or whatever they got there, I have called both Boon Ex and ABK-Soft a couple of times to ask who these people were and if I could have their contact details or something.

They claim to have an office in California, but it is no doubt either a broom closet or a mailbox.

The software is buggy, and one has to either modify it or pay for programming help to make it actually work properly.

So if your a noob to CSS and php dont go with ABK dating thinking that everything will be just fine.

I would go with boonex dolfin and spend some time on modmysite com and be ready to put you hand in your pocket But they are just as bad as each other I too was looking for a community social networking solution and was very close to being suckered into buying Able Space or Able Dating.

Boon Ex is also somewhat attractive, but then again you have both Able Dating and Boonex, with its own spam topics ( just look up boonex scam in Google and abledating scam), who can I believe?


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