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“Women want to feel appreciated on this holiday, and it just so happens that a number of stereotypical dates can do just that.” That's right, we said it: A date that's cheesy, shamelessly trite, and a little overdone can hit all the right marks—especially if a hot-air balloon ride or a weekend in Paris is out of your budget.

Because at the core of every woman is a desire to be adored and indulged, and the best way to achieve that is to take her out and show her that's exactly how you feel.

In my spare time I like to have fun with your friends , watch movies , listen to music and dance.

There's nothing like chalky candy hearts, chubby Cupids, and stuffed bears littering every store window to remind you Valentine's Day is coming.

"Maybe you hold hands as you circle the ice, or you steady her as she wobbles.