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Bisexual male chat is for you to be as open as you want to be. Reality or not, people like to chat about all different subjects.

Who knows, you could fall in love or find that special one you have been looking for. TIPS TO MEET A BISEXUAL MAN IN THIS CHAT ROOM: Don't wait for them to say hello, chat about your day, ask him questions, give lots of compliments.

You may be so in touch with your sexuality that you are fine with that but like many of us straight men checking out the t-girls and thinking about getting together with a shemale you might be thinking as I did, am I gay? I will discuss this latter from a physical, physiological and sexual level including what escortshave to say, most are only into straight guys!

what the psychologists and physiatrists have to say quick answer is that it is completely normal for a straight man to be aroused and to have sex with shemale t-girls / as a group identify as female period.

The are not men as you can tell within minutes of talking to almost any of them.