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A TV9 Kannada reporter has argued that the channel has aired positive stories about the transgender community and that a few transgender persons are just ‘’troublemakers’.

Veena S, a member of KTS, who was also the first transwoman in southern India to run for public office when she contested the Bangalore municipal council elections in 2010, agreed that TV9 had shown them in a positive light in the past but was dismayed that Operation Anandi had reintroduced fear into the community.

This is now the number one longest page on Wikitravel, far longer than the number two page (some 80,000 bytes longer!

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When I visited the TV9 office to question the intent of this programme, I was pushed out by the staff and security guard there,’ said Riyana.

Riyana stressed that she has chosen to be a transwoman, is mentally stable, and can live only with a Mangalamukhi and not with a man or woman.

I think it has definitely crossed the line from phrasebook into textbook (including conversation practice), with so much stuff that a traveller would have to shuffle through 76 pages of the printed version to find the phrase they are looking for.

The pronunciation section is massively long, loads of the given phrases are not travel oriented at all, with a tremendously long list of slang words for types of people and ridiculous things like: I'm going to start a massive cull of this nonsense, and I'd also like to hear some input about how much of that pronunciation section is really necessary.

Invading the privacy of an already marginalized community does not serve any purpose.


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