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David has explained the show's title in TV interviews as reflecting his perception that many people seem to live their lives projecting false enthusiasm, which he believes is used to imply that "they are better than you." This conflicts with his dry style.

The title also urges the audience not to expect too much from the show; at the time of the premiere, David wanted to lower expectations after Seinfeld's phenomenal success. Fox appears as Loretta Black, a member of the Black family, a family of hurricane evacuees who take refuge in Larry's house upon Cheryl's invitation. Smoove appears as Leon Black, a member of the Black family and Larry's accidental roommate, in seasons six, seven, and eight.

The show won the 2002 Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

After season eight finished in 2011, the series went on an indefinite hiatus.

Like the real-life David, the character is well known in the entertainment industry as the co-creator and main co-writer of the highly successful sitcom Seinfeld.