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That's all that needs adjusting there: Now that we have a portal for our new recruits to funnel into, we need to sort them!In our example server's case, each user will fall into one of two exclusive tags- NA, and EU.Online communication cemented itself as part of everyday life, and the . With most of the premium domain names already taken in the existing generic top-level domain namespace, .

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Then, add all the permissions to the Admin role specifically.

There they'll be able to discuss the finer points of balance between chaos and order and keeping the server on whichever side of it they like.

This welcome channel will be a dedicated announcement portal, with a permanent message telling new users how to sign up and get tagged appropriately.

That'll be the only message in the channel, as any more information after that will be for sorted users, who have no business in the welcome portal anyways.

The premium classification is determined by the domains' registry.