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When they ask if the customer knows how deregulation works on tariffs, the answer is that, of course, really no one does know that answer.

Then it [the script] asks if they know their tariff when probably no one does.‘Most people prefer to avoid confrontation, and the script takes advantage of this by assuming consent, for instance wiping feet before being given permission to enter, writing down the time of a visit before being given consent to actually visit.’Dr Jennifer Wild, a consultant clinical psychologist at Oxford University, said the script’s suggested use of nods of agreement when asking to enter a home was an attempt to send a ‘subliminal message saying, “We are agreed on this already”.

And of course, when these tactics have been rehearsed so carefully it is not surprising that the head nodding, the ‘yeahs’ of agreement and the laughter appear very natural, rather than in fact controlling.

This particular ‘Energy Script’ eventually resulted in SSE, which has regional companies called Atlantic, Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro and SWALEC, being found guilty in 2011 of two counts of taking part in mis-selling practices after Surrey Trading Standards brought the case against them.

It was all carefully worked out so that we could confuse people who were already confused enough about energy tariffs,’ says 34-year-old Matthew.