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The last day like for anyone who has enjoyed their holiday was not a good one, Was very hard leaving to come home, The Palmarinha and its staff are fantastic, thanks guys, Gilles, Wynoma, girls on reception, Diago, Domnic, Rupeesh, Eugiene and Francisco, Carti and Bengal tiger.

thank you for making our holiday so perfect, will definately be coming back next year, looking forward to seeing you all again.

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guys in the restaurant very funny, had a good laugh with them in fact got on with all the staff, lovely bunch, feel like our extended family.

Rooms were cleaned every day as were clean towels, and sheets.

(Nothing was working) buffet breakfast was the most funniest and embarrasing moment as there were no fresh juices and milk/curd offerred for breakfast.....

only ONE main dish (Alu Paratha or Poori any one of chef's choice).

The people i met there were great, being a lone traveler it was important. The hotel staff are good, and get to know who you are quickly.