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Brian Sandoval today announced he will include 78,000 additional people in Nevada’s Medicaid program as provided for under the federal Affordable Care Act.“Though I have never liked the Affordable Care Act because of the individual mandate it places on citizens, the increased burden on businesses and concerns about access to health care, the law has been upheld by the Supreme Court,” he said in a statement. “My fiscal year 2014-2015 budget will provide 78,000 additional Nevadans with health insurance coverage through (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – The U. Department of Education announced today that 16 applicants, including the Carson City School District, will share nearly 0 million in Race to the Top funds to improve student learning.

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This decision assures coverage for low income uninsured Nevadans who would not be eligible for the new health insurance products provided through the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange.

While controversial, the principal achievement of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is the development (Continue reading…) CARSON CITY – State Senate Republican leaders today commended GOP Gov.

Brian Sandoval’s decision to expand the state Medicaid program as a commitment to the health of all Nevadans and a boost for a critical sector of the state’s economy.


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