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Supreme Court lawyer and expert Pavan Duggal recently told The Times of Indiathat the lack of training among cops and judiciary offices was delaying trial in cybercrime cases and denying justice in a few others. But companies like Apple may have concerns over privacy and cyber security.

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The following are some important News articles wherein Pavan Duggal, Conference Director has been Quoted on various issues and aspects of Cyber law, Cyber crime, Social Media, Privacy, Cyber Security and other elements in the law and technology ecosystem:- "People get so engrossed in the game that they lose track of their actual world-surroundings.

People have been walking into dark alleys or into traps and getting robbed.

Invariably, the service provider may not be inclined to give such access without any requisite order from the court of competent jurisdiction.

This could mean getting a succession certificate from a court of competent jurisdiction which could be a time-consuming process,”"Cyber bullying is the number one problem in Indian schools and universities which is not addressed in the Act.

As I look back at legal developments, what stands out is how 2015 was a landmark year in the evolution of cyberlaw in India.