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Sky cards in Sky boxes have a similar restriction, where the subscription card is tied to a specific box.

If you need to change your card so that it works in a different device, call Top Up TV and they may be able to arrange the switch for you.

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The processor logo will be stamped on the front or back of the card, identifying what type of credit card you have.

In most cases, car rental insurances are provided by the processor, not your bank or credit institution, so this is what will determine the type of car rental insurances your specific card qualifies for.

Until 2013, it was possible to watch ESPN by installing a CAM into your TV.

IN 2013, ESPN was acquired by BT Sport, meaning that ESPN is no longer available for viewing with a CAM.

They were offering subscription to their Setanta 1 sports service to Freeview users for £9.99 a month – that was until they went bust in June 2009.