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At present I am working with 3 species/subspecies of the asian rats, the Taiwan Beauties (E. I have not found them to be particuarly nippy though.


These are beautiful snakes, and I am glad to have one as part of my collection.

I have considered getting an additional pair of albinos, but am not entirely sure I want any more of these demons to take care of :) .

This has been a very enjoyable project to be involved with. I hope to work with some more species in the future, includung freckleds (V.t.orientalis), and Kimberly rocks (V.glauerti), but there are no immediate plans to get in to more monitors at the present time.

These small monitors are probably the most entertaining and fascinating lizards I have ever kept. These pictures of the yellow ackies are quite old now, taken when they were less than 3 weeks old.

He just takes it further: Tails was merely kicking back and working in his workshop on an air compressor for the Tornado.