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After the success of our first tier as a raiding guild last expansion in Hellfire Citadel, achieving 13/13M before prepatch, we have a drive like no other to solidify our roster and community and showing up to Legion even stronger.Our current raid times for the core progression group stand as Wednesday/Sunday/Monday, 9pm-12am Server Time (AEST) and we are currently 7/7M EN, 2/3M To V, 4/10M NH.I would much prefer not to transfer servers, so Thaurrisan/Dreadmaul would be most ideal - however since this isn't beyond mythic raiding this would be ideal for me, minus the majority of the guild environment unfortunately.

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During Siege of Orgrimmar I was able to clear all heroic content.

Warlords of Draenor I participated in normal and heroic Highmaul but beyond that I couldn't meet the commitments of my guild from Blackrock Foundary to Hellfire Citadel - however I would have loved to have seen the content in its glory. I'd love to complete all the content from start to finish though now I was only able to complete Emerald Nightmare a couple of times a few months ago - Again work/life commitments.

About me as a player though: I want to complete all Legion content, I always strive in better improving myself as a player and working with appropriate talents/enchants/gems (Talents are usually switching around for grinding, PVP or otherwise) I have a good focus when it comes to raiding, utilize all my classes utilities with minimal DPS sacrifice if need be. I also have a Demon Hunter on Dreadmaul which I could assist in raiding though - However I would much prefer to raid on my Fury Warrior.