dating personals huston idaho - 28 year old woman dating 40 year old man

Because in the long run you will probably want more than just a part time secret relationship. If his wife gets inclinations that hes cheating, expect to be doing all your hanging out indoors at your place or in places where nobody is around.

He won't want to be seen with you EVEN THO he cares for you. As an added bonus, with him having kids....only makes the situation ten times more complex.

He hasn't taken the final step to just move out because after talking to his wife about sharing the kids one week on, one week off, she states she cannot bear to be away from the children like that, meaning a custody battle would ensue should he move.

I have seen a picture of her, and she has let herself go, doesn't even try to look attractive, but has made her entire life about the children, while he is active outdoors, and has taken care of himself.

It seems like its just another excuse to make the affair OKAY.

I'm not saying that this guy is leading you on right now and he may actually want to be with you.

He messes with you because he knows you are not thinking about long term. Wait until you see what you look like after having three kids and taking care of a household. They don't want to be the "reason" for any break up. I believe you may have feelings for each other but actions truly do speak louder than words.